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Bathroom Tile

Architects and Designers at Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug

For 86 years, Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug has assisted interior designers, architects, and property owners in determining appropriate, functional, and cost-effective finishes for commercial structures.  We have done it all, from the elegant finishes of the Newport Country Club (as it prepared to host the LPGA Championship), the Saratoga National Golf Club, Jack’s Oyster House, and the L.T. Begnal Motor Company, to the functional finishes of neighborhood Burger King and KFC restaurants, and everything in between.

Lately, we have developed a particular acumen for the impact spaces of restaurants and public buildings: lobbies, entryways, and reception areas.  We have been able to assist thoughtful property owners, architects, and interior designers as they meet and exceed their tenants’, clients’, and customers’ expectations.