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Fast, efficient, and SAFE . . .

ATCR's Sally Carpenter and clients keeping physical distance and wearing masks while making a tile selection.

We have instituted a variety of measures in an attempt to ensure that we do all we can to keep our clients and employees safe from Covid-19.  Currently, we are keeping our showroom and warehouse are open by appointment — one person/couple at a time.  Our doing so will allow us to clean and disinfect after one client leaves and before the next client arrives.  Please call or text us at 518-227-0156, or email us at [email protected] to schedule your appointment.   Ideally, before you come in, we can discuss your project and I will have some options waiting for you at your arrival.

Ditra-Heat Goes Public

Close Up of Ditra-Heat Mat with Warming Cable Inserted  Exposed Layers of Ditra-Heat, Warming Cable, Thinset & Tile

As we post this, it is 0°F in the Capital District, no better time for Schulter to permit sales of its much anticipated Ditra-Heat. When you install this electric floor warming system, you will be able to realize all the benefits of Ditra — crack prevention, waterproofing, and vapor management — and keep your porcelain or stone tile floor warm.  And you will like the fact that the whole Ditra-Heat system only raises your warmed floor’s height 1/4″.  As such, you will only have to deal with an insignificant height transition from the adjoining, non-heated floor to your comfortably warm tile floor.  Want more information?  Read this: DitraHeat-DataSheet

HeatStep Floor Warming

Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug is excited about our recently arrived inventory of HeatStep Mat and HeatStep Wire floor warming systems.  HeatStep will warm almost any type of flooring including engineered hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, laminates, vinyl, and carpet.

HeatStep Mat


Unlike traditional wire-based floor warming systems that merely warm the floor, HeatStep can be used  to warm the entire room as an alternative to traditional forced-air heating systems. HeatStep offers the benefit of being completely silent since there are no vents or duct work. Likewise, there is also no risk of potentially harmful airborne particles being circulated with HeatStep.

Programmable thermostats are available for HeatStep; a programmable thermostat will automatically turn HeatStep on and off so as to maintain desired room temperature.