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Design Trends and Ideas

Jump into Summer!

jump into summer1

jump into summer2

Summer is here, and with it comes summer dresses, pool parties, s’mores by the fire and, for most home owners, a fresh start to their interiors. During the colder months, couches are covered in blankets and wood is stacked near the fireplace, but with the cold days behind us and sunshine over our heads, it’s time to switch your home to summer mode.

The first step in kicking winter out and welcoming summer is to stow all winter accessories and anything that adds a sense of heaviness to your room. Replace darker artwork for a piece or two that pops with color, or consider a light blanket and colorful throw pillows to replace a heavier blankets.

Now that your spring cleaning is done, open your windows, light a candle in a citrus or fresh linen scent or fill a decorative bowl in a summery shade with seasonal potpourri, and let the fresh air and summer energy into your home.

The Color Tide is Turning

This year is proving to be a transitional one for color.  Thank goodness!  We are finally seeing warmer colors creep into what has been a very cool white and gray world.

Carrara marble — white marble with cool gray veining — that has been the foundation for many kitchen and bath projects, is still very popular.  Recently, however, warmer grays, beiges, and cream tones have been playing a larger role in the projects we have been working on.  Blues, especially navy blue, have been used with both gray and beige/cream tones in ceramic wall tiles, carpet and area rugs.

Below are several photographs that illustrate the cool-and-warm-tone combinations gaining favor:


2015-04-28 12.19.07



‘Brown’ is Still a Popular Neutral

Gray is the current go-to neutral.  Most clients who visit our showroom these days are looking for grays, whether in tile, stone, carpet, or even hardwood. We’ve seen the many of the neutral color offerings from our suppliers morph from predominently beige/brown tones to gray tones in a short period of time. But one color, brown, has seemed to stand the test of time as a go-to neutral.  Brown is very versatile and never seems to go out of style.  Light and dark browns can be paired together to create a calm and relaxing space.  Add a soft blue, green, or yellow as a pop of color….

ATCR Retro Brown Living Room A ATCR Retro Brown Living Room B

The Color of the Dress & Your Interior Selections

The DressOkay, by now we’ve all heard about the color of ‘the dress.’  Do you see blue and black, or gold and white? We’ve read the scientific explanation about the why our brains interpret and our eyes see ‘the dress’ in different colors, but what no one is talking about is the fact that the image of ‘the dress’ is a photograph viewed on computer monitors and cell phones.  The story of the ‘dress’ and its color has something to teach us about interior finishes and selections: you should NOT rely on the colors shown on your computer monitor to choose finishes for your home.  Similarly, you should NOT rely on the colors shown in a photograph on your cell phone to choose finishes for your home.  Clients use their phone cameras every day in our showroom.  They snap photos for different reasons, e.g., to document a room selection, or not to forget the perfect tile, stone, or rug.   What’s troubling is the use of these photos to choose and coordinate materials for a space.   Please don’t choose your kitchen floor tile based on your phone photograph of your granite counter-top and/or cabinets – get a real sample.   Please don’t choose the carpet for your bedroom based on a phone photograph of your douvet cover fabric – get a real sample. Take a real sample of tile, stone, carpet, or wood from our showroom.  Take it to your space and look at it at different times of the day . . . If you rely on the photograph on your phone to make these important choices, you may unpleasantly surprised and sorry that you did.

Splashes of Marsala



Out with the old and in with the new!  With the announcement of ‘Marsala’ as the color of the year for 2015, we have completely changed our feature wall in the showroom to include splashes of ‘Marsala’ along with some new ‘Sterling Row’ concept boards (more on this in a later post) from Walker Zanger.  Since the ‘Marsala’ offerings are sparse in the tile world, we chose to use carpet and area rug samples to showcase this warm red, brown color.  Tile concept boards continue to be more neutral using gray and beige tones.

It’s that time again . . . ‘Marsala’ is Color of Year for 2015!

Pantone’s color of the year

This article says it all about the 2015 color of the year – Marsala!


This warm, red-brown is a departure from the clear, crisp colors of  previous years.  Here at Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug, we are seeing the ‘Marsala’ color influence flowing into our new tile, carpet, and rug collections.  Stop into the showroom for a tasting!


Morning Light with Sisal & Lime

Sitting room with Lime green accented chair, table & pillows against neutral, rich sisal rug & red oak hardwood floor.

The wonderful thing about lime green, or any accent color, is that less is more.  Several accent pieces are enough to draw the eye into the room and make a lasting impact.  Lime green pairs wonderfully with neutrals like this natural red oak hardwood floor, sisal area rug and the slip-covered couch.  As with any accent color, change just a few pieces or accessories and you have a completely different look.


Stately Elegance by Design with Wool Carpet

Patterned, wool carpet adds to stately elegance of turn-of-century sitting room.Note how the turn-of-century design on this wool carpet adds to the stately elegance of this sitting room.

Making a Small Space Look Bigger

Organic Patterned Rug with Tomato Soup Furnishings & Wall Colors
Note how the over-sized, organic patterned, rug serves as the foundation for this small space; the scale of the pattern of the rugs helps to make the room appear larger than it really is.  Together with the large black and white prints on the “tomato soup” wall and the sophisticated furnishings “the rug really ties the room together.”

Photograph  via Elle Decor: http://ow.ly/u2bLd.

A Job Well Done!

We love being recognized for a job well done! Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug provided hardwood, carpet and tile and collaborative design services (by our own in-house interior design professional, Sarah Carpenter, ASID) for the Saratoga Springs, NY condominium featured in the current edition of Better Homes & Gardens’ ‘Storage’ magazine. As shown in the article The Ultimate Master Suite, our favorite storage indulgence is the mirrored jewelry closet! Check it out!

Here are some photos of other spaces in the condo . . .
2012-06-01 20.38.32

2012-06-01 20.37.49

2012-06-01 20.36.59

2012-06-01 20.41.28

2012-06-01 20.39.19