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Area Rugs

Area Rugs For A Unique In-Home Design Element

From Persian, hand-woven masterpieces to simple monochromatic rugs, area rugs are the most versatile and wide-ranging products that we sell.  Capable of re-inventing a room with their color and pattern, area rugs simultaneously provide quiet warmth and depth while protecting the floor underneath.  Area rugs can also be utilized to achieve a variety of decorative ends.  Patterned, geometric, and pictorial rugs most often serve as the focal point of the room – the center point around which the furniture, wall coverings, and other elements of the room’s décor are chosen.  Monochromatic area rugs and those of subdued colors compliment and do not compete with other design elements of the room; they allow a favored piece of artwork, furniture, or technology to be the center of attention.

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