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Flooring Installation

Installation Materials

We are knowledgeable regarding all the products needed to install the flooring and finishes that we sell. We are up-to-speed on, for example, the latest advances in: tile grout; prefabricated, tile-able, shower systems; and fungi-resistant carpet padding. Currently hot products include:

  • TruColor Grout means you no longer have to hope and pray for consistent grout color while mixing your own on the job. This urethane-based, factory-mixed tile and stone grout never needs to be sealed, and it features consistent color, crack resistance, and antimicrobial protection. It can even be stored and used again.
  • Wedi & Schluter tile-able shower systems that will allow you to install the pre-fabricated shower pan and begin tiling on the same day. All of the needed parts come in one box. Make a two-day job into a one day job!
  • Recessed niches for showers and tubs allow you to store and access all your bathing materials without hitting your elbow. Get rid of the grimy, outwardly projecting soap dish and have a sunken niche installed.
  • Floor-warming, when installed in a room over the garage or some other un-heated space, will allow you to get rid of those blue toes. And, flooring warming will cost only pennies a day to operate.
  • Ditra & Nobleseal anti-fracture & crack isolation membranes provide you with added protection against your tile and stone cracking. Choose from varying membrane and panel thicknesses so as to minimize the height transition from other flooring to your tile or stone floor.
  • Improved sound suppression membranes reduce the impact of steps and limit the airborne transmission of sound. In the process, they will create a more peaceful environment in your home or business.
  • Custom binding is available for your area rugs with a variety of hues of bound or surged edges in canvas, leather, suede, or nylon.
  • Memory Foam padding for your carpet redistributes weight and surface pressure to provide the most comfortable experience possible.