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Leather, Cork & Vinyl Flooring

Leather, Cork & Vinyl Flooring


Sustainable leather tiles and sheets can be used on both floors and walls.  Undeniably luxurious when installed, leather only grows more beautiful with age as it gains its patina.  Leather is available in two varieties: steer hide and recycled.  Both are chemically treated to achieve the desired look and feel.  Recycled leather, naturally more wear-resistant than steer-hide leather, is generally suited for use anywhere except full bathrooms and other wet applications.  Hide leather, with its tremendous feel of exclusivity, is available in soft, pliable finishes that are capable of being bent without creasing or cracking.  As a result, when used as a wall covering, hide leather can be wrapped around columns and other non-flat surfaces.  Installation of leather tiles and sheets is not difficult; some tiles are even available in a peel-and-stick format.


With its unique appearance and soft feel, cork flooring has recently become an increasingly popular choice for residential flooring.  Cork is a renewable resource that provides significant sound-deadening and thermal-insulation benefits.  It is also durable, as we know from its continuous use in churches and public buildings throughout the past century.  When treated with an anti-microbial agent such as Microban during harvesting and manufacture, cork flooring will also be highly resistant to mold, mildew, harmful bacteria, insects, and mites.  However, cork does demand care and attention: you will want to wipe up spills immediately, put down walk-off mats at entryways and in front of sinks, keep your pet’s claws trimmed, and place furniture protectors under the legs of chairs and other furniture.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Generally resistant to fading, water, scratching, wear, and indentation, luxury vinyl tile is a flooring choice suitable for the non-showcase spaces in your home.  It is easy to clean and will keep its appearance with little maintenance.  Installation of a luxury vinyl tile floor has recently been made quick and easy with the introduction of loose-lay tiles.  These tiles are designed with a special backing and are heavy enough to make installation possible with the use of little or no glue.  Also, since each vinyl tile is adhered to neither the floor nor other tiles, if a particular tile is damaged, it may be removed and replaced without disturbing the remainder of the floor.

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