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Ditra-Heat Goes Public

Close Up of Ditra-Heat Mat with Warming Cable Inserted  Exposed Layers of Ditra-Heat, Warming Cable, Thinset & Tile

As we post this, it is 0°F in the Capital District, no better time for Schulter to permit sales of its much anticipated Ditra-Heat. When you install this electric floor warming system, you will be able to realize all the benefits of Ditra — crack prevention, waterproofing, and vapor management — and keep your porcelain or stone tile floor warm.  And you will like the fact that the whole Ditra-Heat system only raises your warmed floor’s height 1/4″.  As such, you will only have to deal with an insignificant height transition from the adjoining, non-heated floor to your comfortably warm tile floor.  Want more information?  Read this: DitraHeat-DataSheet