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Bathroom Tile

Measure of Tile Slipperiness Changing for 2014

Wet floor sign warning of slippery floor tileThe old “static” testing method for wet tile’s slipperiness is being replaced by a “dynamic” testing method.  Consequently, the old .6 threshold many architects and designers focused on when specifying floor tile for commercial projects is being replaced.   The new dynamic threshold for interior tiles that are expected to be walked on when wet is .42: a specified floor tile should have a dynamic coefficient of friction under the new DCOF AcuTest method of .42 or greater.   At Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug, we have already found the new testing method to produce more useful results than the old method, e.g., polished porcelain tiles that intuition tells you need to supported with walk-off mats at entrance points do not end up with a test score that suggests they are sticky like Velcro.  More information on this matter is available on the Tile Council of North America’s site.