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Bathroom Tile

Patio for Socially-Distanced Get-Togethers

Project #1 is an outdoor patio to create ‘useable’ outdoor space that this house never had. The plans have been in the works for over a year, but with covid this spring, I had an obvious delay and lost the original contractor. A very talented friend stepped-up and said he would be interested in the our project after completing a simliar project at his house. Heavy equipment for minor excavation was delivered along with many tons on stone for the patio base. Yes, I will be using tile for my patio. The porcelain tile is 16″x32″x 3/4″ and meant to be used outside. Before photo, for reference:

First set-back – BEES! Two large bees nests were in the ground around the shrubs. All of the shrubs had to be removed before minor excavation could begin so we lost a few days while the bees calmed down and found a new home. 

To be continued . . .