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Design Trends and Ideas

The Color of the Dress & Your Interior Selections

The DressOkay, by now we’ve all heard about the color of ‘the dress.’  Do you see blue and black, or gold and white? We’ve read the scientific explanation about the why our brains interpret and our eyes see ‘the dress’ in different colors, but what no one is talking about is the fact that the image of ‘the dress’ is a photograph viewed on computer monitors and cell phones.  The story of the ‘dress’ and its color has something to teach us about interior finishes and selections: you should NOT rely on the colors shown on your computer monitor to choose finishes for your home.  Similarly, you should NOT rely on the colors shown in a photograph on your cell phone to choose finishes for your home.  Clients use their phone cameras every day in our showroom.  They snap photos for different reasons, e.g., to document a room selection, or not to forget the perfect tile, stone, or rug.   What’s troubling is the use of these photos to choose and coordinate materials for a space.   Please don’t choose your kitchen floor tile based on your phone photograph of your granite counter-top and/or cabinets – get a real sample.   Please don’t choose the carpet for your bedroom based on a phone photograph of your douvet cover fabric – get a real sample. Take a real sample of tile, stone, carpet, or wood from our showroom.  Take it to your space and look at it at different times of the day . . . If you rely on the photograph on your phone to make these important choices, you may unpleasantly surprised and sorry that you did.

Move Over Ledgestone

We’re always looking for new, different, and cool things. While attending The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas, NV last week, we spotted textured wood wall covering. Most likely inspired by the very popular slate and travertine ledgestone patterns, wood allows for much more flexibility with texture, pattern, and design without the weight and installation specifications of natural stone, while still offering that organic vibe. Check it out . . . .  We hope to have some showroom samples soon!

2015-01-21 15.32.52

2015-01-21 15.33.22
2015-01-21 15.31.28

Splashes of Marsala



Out with the old and in with the new!  With the announcement of ‘Marsala’ as the color of the year for 2015, we have completely changed our feature wall in the showroom to include splashes of ‘Marsala’ along with some new ‘Sterling Row’ concept boards (more on this in a later post) from Walker Zanger.  Since the ‘Marsala’ offerings are sparse in the tile world, we chose to use carpet and area rug samples to showcase this warm red, brown color.  Tile concept boards continue to be more neutral using gray and beige tones.

It’s that time again . . . ‘Marsala’ is Color of Year for 2015!

Pantone’s color of the year

This article says it all about the 2015 color of the year – Marsala!


This warm, red-brown is a departure from the clear, crisp colors of  previous years.  Here at Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug, we are seeing the ‘Marsala’ color influence flowing into our new tile, carpet, and rug collections.  Stop into the showroom for a tasting!


Mirage’s New Warm, Rustic-Textured Hardwood

Sun room with rustic, barn wood, red oak, hardwood floor by MirageFor 2014, Mirage has introduced several handsome, textured, hardwood floors.  These hardwood floors end up being very low maintenance, since the texturing does a wonderful job of hiding scuffs and other marks.  Along with its other new offerings, Mirage has incorporated its new finishes into hickory and oak boards that have been stained to create wonderful warm grey, amber brown, and mid-brown floors.  We have samples of all the new products on display in our showroom; please stop in and take a look.Velvety, mid-dark brown stained and textured hickory hardwood from Mirage

Wood Look in Tile 2.0

Porcelain tile wood planks are very popular but, as with any hot design trend, there’s always the next generation….   Antiqued parquet wood look in 30" x 30", patterned, porcelain tile in bedroomThe newest wood-look is a large (30” x 30”) square tile that recreates the aged appearance of antiqued parquet wood.   This latest addition to our ever growing collection of porcelain tile wood-looks is a modern interpretation of antique parquet panels in which the pattern or design of each piece becomes part of a seamless flooring layout evoking feelings of continuity and spaciousness.  Just yesterday, we put our introductory samples on display as you enter our showroom.  Within twenty minutes, a Chatham family had placed an order!


Antiqued parquet wood look in 30" x 30", patterned, porcelain tile in family room


A Job Well Done!

We love being recognized for a job well done! Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug provided hardwood, carpet and tile and collaborative design services (by our own in-house interior design professional, Sarah Carpenter, ASID) for the Saratoga Springs, NY condominium featured in the current edition of Better Homes & Gardens’ ‘Storage’ magazine. As shown in the article The Ultimate Master Suite, our favorite storage indulgence is the mirrored jewelry closet! Check it out!

Here are some photos of other spaces in the condo . . .
2012-06-01 20.38.32

2012-06-01 20.37.49

2012-06-01 20.36.59

2012-06-01 20.41.28

2012-06-01 20.39.19

Gallery Wall 2014

As promised, here is our newly designed ‘gallery wall’ that you will see as you walk into our showroom.

blog.gallery wall

With this iteration of the gallery, we have integrated a blend of materials that also spills over into other displays in our showroom. By layering samples of tile, stone, hardwood, carpet, and area rugs, we have demonstrated how finishes and textures beyond tile and stone may used to create aesthetically appealing designs in widely varying color palettes. Can you spot our ode to ‘radiant orchid,’ 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, on the wall?

‘Radiant Orchid’ is Color of Year for 2014!

pantone-radiant-orchidGood-bye emerald and hello radiant orchid! This soft, muted hue is a noticeable change of pace compared to its predecessors, but it’s a refreshing change! For now, you can rock the new Pantone color of the year in nail polish, lip stick, and fashion accessories, but just wait until spring when you’ll find it on the racks and in clothing, jewelry, house wares, and packaging. Pantone says that because it is ‘nuanced and bold,’ the color suggests ‘creativity and ingenuity,’ which should appeal to fashion-minded, tech-savvy customers in their 20s and 30s.

At Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug we are seeing more color in our latest tile and carpet samples, including purples. While neutrals still reign king, we are finding our clients much more willing to use splashes of color. At this moment, we are working on integrating more color and a blend of materials into our showroom displays. Stay tuned for a photo of our infamous ‘gallery’ wall as you enter our showroom. We hope to have our work of art completed by mid-month.

Patterned Carpet to Enrich Your Bedroom

131109 Bedroom with Patterned CarpetConsistenza, a member of our exclusive Dabbieri Collection, adds dimension to any room with its’ texture and blend of colors. Available in 26 different colors and patterns, Consistenza is sure to enrich your bedroom, and/or any other room in your home that is safe from dirty shoes.   Want to see and feel a sample?  We are on North Pearl Street, just below Memorial Hospital and just east of Loudonville, NY.  Call ahead and we will get samples ready for you.