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Bathroom Tile

Barrier-free Showers & Residential Steam Showers

Barrier-Free Shower enclosed in glass.  Bathroom features large-format, rectangular, linear-pattern, porcelain wall tile installed in stacked pattern and 24" x 24", straight-set, porcelain floor tile.

Barrier-Free Shower by Céramiques Hugo Sanchez Inc.

Schulter Systems has created DVDs with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to create barrier-free showers and on how to create waterproof, residential steam showers. With the use of a variety of Schluter products, it is now possible, in a relatively easy fashion, to create barrier-free (a/k/a “roll-up”) showers and to control water flow and water vapor in residential steam showers.   And, by using a nearly invisible linear drain at the back wall, one can, on the shower floor, use the same large-format floor tiles as are used outside of the shower.  In our showroom, ATCR has plenty of copies of the DVDs and samples of the products discussed in the DVD.  So next time you are in, you can grab a copy of the DVD and touch and examine the products discussed.