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Bathroom Tile

‘Radiant Orchid’ is Color of Year for 2014!

pantone-radiant-orchidGood-bye emerald and hello radiant orchid! This soft, muted hue is a noticeable change of pace compared to its predecessors, but it’s a refreshing change! For now, you can rock the new Pantone color of the year in nail polish, lip stick, and fashion accessories, but just wait until spring when you’ll find it on the racks and in clothing, jewelry, house wares, and packaging. Pantone says that because it is ‘nuanced and bold,’ the color suggests ‘creativity and ingenuity,’ which should appeal to fashion-minded, tech-savvy customers in their 20s and 30s.

At Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug we are seeing more color in our latest tile and carpet samples, including purples. While neutrals still reign king, we are finding our clients much more willing to use splashes of color. At this moment, we are working on integrating more color and a blend of materials into our showroom displays. Stay tuned for a photo of our infamous ‘gallery’ wall as you enter our showroom. We hope to have our work of art completed by mid-month.