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Bathroom Tile

Veneer Porcelain Sheets

Vereer-Porcelain-close-up-showing-thickness-w-textVeneer porcelain panels have arrived. These 124″ x 44″ sheets cover approximately 32 SF, weigh only 52 pounds, and are just over 1/10″ thick. As full-size panels, veneer porcelains seem to be most appropriate of use on both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings. As a result, they are being marketed as such. We, however, can see other uses – including residential uses. The veneer porcelains are thin enough to be easily cut into smaller pieces. As such, they offer the opportunity to create custom-sized tiles. As Bob Briski of Anthony Mion and Son of Schenectady, NY (one of our region’s most storied commercial and residential tile installers) noted, “you can practically cut and shape your tile pattern at the job site, right at the time of installation.” Large-format waterfall patterns, brick-joint patterns, and basketweave patterns all become possible with these light-weight veneer porcelains. Laminam by Crossville alone already offers over 55 colors and patterns and more are on the way. As I write this entry, we are gathering samples of products in this new category. We are going to get Sarah Carpenter focused this matter and see what she can design for us. Stay tuned….