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Bathroom Tile

Floating Floors Have Arrived

Dal Tile has introduced click porcelain tile flooring that does not need to be glued down. To date, Dal Tile has only made three colors available and all are in the 12″x12″ size. We have tried it out and we must admit that we found it difficult to get the pieces to snap together tightly. The tile is mounted on the stuff of of which bowling balls are made; that hard plastic would have been more pliable if it had been heated first, we have been told. So Dal Tile’s click tile seems to have potential — it can be installed over just about any type of subfloor — but it does not seem ready for prime time. Here are a couple of photographs:


Italian manufacturer Cooperativa Ceramica D’Imola has also introduced a click porcelain tile floor that appears to have promise. We have requested a box of Imola’s “Cliptile” so that we can play with some pieces and reach some conclusions. We will update you on our findings. Until then, below are two photographs. Click on either photo to watch Imola’s three-minute, promotional video on YouTube.



Floating Hardwood Too. Speaking of floating tile floors, we recently installed a floating hardwood floor in our Latham, NY home and it looks excellent! We chose Mirage Oak Lock Hardwood with Sierra stain. We had to use saws to cut the edges at the wall and doorways. After that, no sawing, no gluing, no stapling, and no nailing. Install went really quickly; the boards fit together tightly and without problems. Best of all — that old wall-to-wall, nylon carpet is G-O-N-E!